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Texas Cancer Centre (TCC) aims to provide individuals with quality care by availing personalized services. Cancer treatment comprises of multiple options and specialties that can at times be intense, costly, and even toxic, therefore they require serious long-term planning. At Texas Cancer Centre we understand the numerous variable involved in cancer treatment, as result, we have developed comprehensive treatment plan that takes into consideration the complexity of the treatment choices. Also, at the cancer centre we understand that cancer is life-threatening in nature and this bring about numerous emotional repercussions, this makes it difficult for individuals living cancer to make adequate decision regarding their care. At the Texas Cancer Centre we recognize these challenge and have developed a patient-centered treatment plan to address these challenges.

To effectively imitate the treatment plan, Texas Cancer Centre employs highly skilled and experienced professionals in medical and ancillary services. These professionals offer holistic treatment cancer patients. At TCC out treatment approach focuses on:

  • Radiotherapy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Cancer screening and creating awareness
  • Palliative care

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  • Elizabeth Wamaitha
    I was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer in June 2016. Before the diagnosis, I always had constipation. Doctors at school kept putting me on ant- medication for stomach pains without any improvement, I was referred to Kenyatta National Hospital for a second opinion where biopsy results showed I had stage four colon cancer. Immediately, doctors told me I needed surgery which was followed by intense chemotherapy that I have been undergoing at Texas Cancer Centre. Being diagnosed with Colon cancer broke my heart. I did not think I would join my classmates during graduation from campus. However, upon starting my chemo treatment, I regained strength enough to be part of the graduands. I am also grateful to the team at TCC for walking through this journey with me. They are a dedicated team who will give their all to see that a patient has received the best care they need.
    Elizabeth Wamaitha
    Colon Cancer
  • Samuel Okotot
    I came from the neighbouring Uganda. Two years ago, I started having persistent daily headaches whose root cause took me about one-and-a-half-years to discover. So bad were the headaches that a friend advised me to go get a CT scan which showed I had a tumor in the head and was told to go to Kampala from Ginja. In Kampala, doctors decided to do a biopsy which showed that the tumor was cancerous which had not spread. I got a referral to the Kampala cancer institute where kicked off my first of four sessions of chemotherapy. When I completed my chemo, the doctors recommended radiotherapy which unfortunately I could not get as the machines had broken down, hence being referred to Nairobi. At first, we had opted for a different hospital until friends recommended Texas Cancer Centre to us. From the time I came here, I have seen a lot of change in my body and improvement.
    Samuel Okotot
    Cancer of the Head